Psychodynamic Psychotherapist

Dr. Shadianloo treats children, adolescent and adults for their mental health needs with an individualized, integrated treatment approach using psychotherapy modalities and offers medication treatment when indicated in alliance with guidelines and evidence-based medicine in psychiatry. Dr. Shadianloo is trained in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and utilizes other modalities including cognitive behavioral techniques and family therapy based on the needs of individuals and their families and when clinically indicated.


Dr. Shadianloo treats patients with various mental health needs. He is experienced in working with LGBTQ individuals and youth who identify as Transgender and gender non-conforming/variant. He treats eating disorder problems, including anorexia nervosa and uses family treatment model with youth.


 ●     ADHD in children and adults

●     Anxiety

●     Autism

●     Behavioral problem in children

●     Bipolar disorder

●     Couple and Relationship issues

●     Depression

●     Eating disorder

●     Family issues

●     Grief and Bereavement

●     Mental health of sexual minorities including gender variant and transgender individuals and their families

●     Psychosis and related diagnoses

●     Sexual problems

●     Trauma and related problems